Foreign investment consultants

Foreign investment consultants

Foreign investment consultancy is one of the key activities of the SAMVIET Company Law, we have carried out hundreds of consulting projects in Vietnam for the Company, Corporation and Economic Group conduct of foreign investment in Vietnam.

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- Date 01/07/2015 - Official 2014 Investment Law took effect, followed by the date 12.11.2015 Decree 118/2015 / ND-CP guiding the Investment Law was enacted opens new era for foreign investors have been investing in Vietnam.

- With the issuance of 02 documents mentioned above, processes, procedures and records for the granting of an investment certificate requires many changes when using services consultants have long experience of working in field of foreign investment consultants in Vietnam.

In the process of foreign investment consultancy in Vietnam, SAMVIETLaw will:

- Consult the form of investment for foreign investors

- Consulting of investment procedures for foreign investors

- Consult the land lease procedures to implement investment projects

- Consulting preferential policies, investment support for foreign investors

- Consultancy for investment projects, registered investment policy for investors

- Advisory Profile investment certificates for foreign investors

- Consultation procedures to grant, modify, transfer of investment certificates, investment projects to investors

The main activities of the SAMVIET Company Law in the field of foreign investment consultants include:

1. Procedures for Granting Investment Certificate;

2. Procedures Adjustment Investment Certificate;

3. Investment Advisory Services;

4. Establish procedures for joint venture

5. The Establishment of the representative office of foreign company in Vietnam;

6. Establish procedures for foreign companies' branches in Vietnam;

7. Consulting Lap investment projects in Vietnam;

8. Establish procedures for companies with 100% foreign capital in Vietnam;

9. Consulting Assignment investment projects;

10. Procedures for Registration of operations and representative offices / place of business;

11. Registration Procedures branch operations;

12. Procedures for Registration of exports and imports;

13. Registration Procedures distribution rights;


In addition to the services listed above, with the experience and network of its large customers, SAMVIETLaw Firm is confident in helping customers find and introduce the appropriate partners for cooperation investment projects of investors at home and abroad are looking for investment partners.

- In addition, we are also always focused on building and developing a data bank of potential investment projects (measured by the leading consultants of the SAMVIET Company Law) as well as systems economic information systems and laws of Vietnam are constantly updated with the aim of becoming a solid bridge for investors and partners in the implementation of investment projects in Vietnam.


Step 1: To receive information and advice

For investment advice in Vietnam, investors may request advice on SAMVIET Company Law in the following forms:

- Send requests investment advice on email: or

- Go directly SAMVIET Law office address: 22, Chua Lang Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi.
- Call request to the General Consultant: 0914.858.166

Step 2: Handling requires consultancy

After receiving requests from client consultation, depending on the requirements SAMVIET Law consultant will advise the customer by email, telephone or direct counseling to clients.

Step 3: Make signing contract

In case the customer agrees to the content advisory SAMVIET Law will send draft contract to the customer references before signing contract

Step 4: Perform the work under the contract

After the contract signed by both parties, SAMVIET Law will conduct the following tasks:

    Send list of documents customers should provide
    Profile editor after receiving customer information
    Send to a reference customer records prior to filing
    Apply and get results delivered to customers