Establishing Enterprise in Vietnam


Establishing Enterprise in Vietnam

Establishing Enterprise is the first process to organizations / individuals conducting business activities in a legal way, however, to be able to choose the appropriate type of business is not that simple, rest Royal African Center for Law is a pioneer in the field of business consultancy established in Vietnam, when using consulting services established by Law business SAMVIET , customers complete peace of mind about the quality and spending service charge.

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Before conducting business establishment procedures, there will be a lot of customers asking questions like:

What is a business?
There are certain types of enterprise?
What businesses should choose the Register?
etc. and many other questions.

Here, SAMVIET  Law will advise and explain the problems that interested customers to the customer reference and selection.

1. Business concept:

- Enterprise is an organization with its own name, property, transaction based, is registered under the provisions established by law for the purpose of trading;

- State Enterprise is an enterprise owned by the State holds 100% charter capital.

- Enterprise Vietnam is now constituted or register established under the laws of Vietnam and is headquartered in Vietnam


2. Types of Business in Vietnam

A. Company Limited includes two types as follows:

- One member limited liability company:

- The two members

B. Joint stock company

C. Partnerships

D. Private enterprise

Customers should choose what type of enterprise?

The selection of types to suit any business depends on the size, line of business, members / shareholders' capital contribution

- In case customers only 1 of capital contributing members are required to select the type of enterprise is Co. 1 member or private enterprise

- In the case of customers with less than 2 spenders, customers select the type of enterprise that two members Co., Partnership Company

- In the case of 2 customers spenders can choose the kind of business that the Company Ltd. Two members or joint-stock company

- The selection of the type of enterprise or limited company JSC depending on business lines, rights and obligations of the member companies.

Example: Typically companies operating in the field of consultancy, service provider or choose the type of enterprise Company Limited, the Company operates in the field of production or type of enterprise option is Public Corporation.

Each type of business has its pluses and its minuses, so the Law would SAMVIET  detailed advice to customers after we receive detailed consultation requirements from customers.

Establishing Enterprise


3. The registration dossier 

To be able to cash out the procedures established enterprises, customers need to prepare information and documents for the establishment as follows:

A. A copy of the civil identity card members / shareholders' capital contribution

B. A copy of the certificate of business registration company (Applicable in the case of members / shareholders' capital contribution is a legal person)

C. Information for the establishment of the company include: name, address, company, business, charter capital and capital contribution ratio, information representative at law

D. Request for Registration of Business established

H. Enterprise's regulations

F. List of members / shareholders contributed capital to establish enterprises

G. Set the other relevant documents depending on the type of enterprise


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